Early Mornings!

I’ve decided to start a morning journal when I wake up at 6am every week day (gotta take the weekends, right?)and post about whatever the hell is going on with my journey as a creative who is striving for the riches of life.

Today is a Thursday. I love Thursdays. I go to therapy on Thursday, so, yeah, it’s great.

At this moment I find myself looking for more ways to bring money in and the exciting thing is that I’ve been on a roll with auditions. I have had an audition every day since Sunday. Today, I don’t, and that will be a little break in between until the next one.

I’ve been reading “The Science of Getting Rich” and it has been reinforcing a lot of old knowledge about how life really works. Today the focus is on gratitude, possibly the most powerful force of all.

In relation to auditions, I’d like to walk through the process of gratitude. First of all, getting an audition as an actor is always a gift. I’ve been doing this for many years and at this point an audition can arrive at a point in time when it feels like a bit of an inconvenience. I’ll have a shift at the restaurant at the same time or I’ll have had plans to go to the beach with a friend, etc. So, in many instances I have found myself a bit irritated with the bad timing of it all.

Here, I try out some gratitude. How about, “well, auditions are hard to come by.” There was a time not too long ago when I was desperate to have any audition. It was all I wanted. A chance to do what I love the most, with the option of getting paid for it? A dream! So if I can just take a step back and see that this part of my life has become a reality, then I can be grateful. It’s pretty simple. I accept the opportunity with gratitude and it instantly gives me the fuel to go after it with energy and grace. And you know what? Every time I do that, I nail the audition…pretty much. Nothing is ever fool proof. But yeah, most of the time. Because I have a great attitude while I’m preparing and when I arrive and when I’m in the room and even afterwards.

So that’s my experience with GRATITUDE. :)

Happy Thursday,